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Cat or Dog Bowl With Stand

Cat or Dog Bowl With Stand

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. Overview:

1. Tough daily, the naughty master can't break. Food grade material, safe and non-toxic, high-temperature resistance, high material hardness, not fragile compared to ordinary ceramic cat bowls
2. 15° tilt design, it’s not hard to eat. The front is low and the back is high, the scientific oblique mouth design protects the cervical spine, does not black the chin, and makes the pet healthier
3. No black chin, face value is always online. Food-grade material is not easy to breed bacteria, the fat content contained in cat food is not easy to adhere to the surface of the cat bowl, and the cat does not have a black chin.
4. Large capacity is coming, more and more satisfying. Large capacity, eat comfortably and drink rest assured, solve the problem of being an office worker, not at home all-day
5. The arc-shaped design does not hurt the mouth when eating, and the food is not easy to fall out. Food-grade material, smooth bowl noodles, a little cute, but more considerate
6. Triangular support base, stable and anti-overturning, as stable as Mount Tai
The urge to eat will never go out, no matter how you eat it will never fall

Product information:

Product category: bowl, plate, plate set
Material: PET
Applicable gift-giving occasions: holidays/commemorative days
Muff Green (Pet Bowl),
Rock Yellow (pet bowl),
Rose-red (pet bowl),
Sakura powder (pet bowl)

Packing list :

1*Pet bowl

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