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Floating Moss Rocks

Floating Moss Rocks

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Indulge in the captivating allure of Floating Moss Rocks. These breathtaking natural marvels infuse a sense of calm and peace into any environment. Elevate your home with the tranquil essence of nature through Floating Moss Rocks.

The pieces come in two different sizes – small and large – and feature realistic moss-covered surfaces with intricate details that look like they have been naturally carved over time. Each piece is conveniently light weight, so they rise in the water column quickly and can be easily rearranged during regular water changes or to accommodate larger fish.

With our Floating Moss Rocks you will be able to place a timeless beauty within your aquarium without any worry about long-term compatibility with aquatic life or the health of your water chemistry. Create an eye-catching aquatic habitat today with these uniquely designed rocks!

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